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We systematically manage all of your translation assets in order to provide you the greatest return on investment while delivering highly consistent translations.

We understand the importance of your translation assets, and we are experienced in protecting the investments of our life sciences’ clients. We utilize a suite of customized and integrated applications to ensure secure and efficient processes.

Asset management makes it easy for these resources to be used for follow-up and as a reference for future projects.

Aside from completed translation projects, Corporate Translations manages all of the assets that directly affect quality and production, including:

  • Source and Target Documents
  • Translation memories
  • Style guides
  • Glossaries
  • Term Bases

We ensure that translation memories and glossaries are maintained and updated and that our staff is properly trained on any specific requirements. These assets are necessary to guarantee consistent and repeatable practices for each project and client.

By allowing us to manage your translation assets, we can provide increased cost savings, faster project turnaround and eliminate the need for re-work.

In order to provide cost savings and consistency, we manage translation memory through a database-oriented document storage system that separates content in a central repository discrete to each client. It allows us to apply important translation memory segmentation filters at the beginning of each project that are later used to disseminate and narrow the future translation memory searches (ex: job number, document type, drug name, study number, etc.) These filters allow us to ensure that the most appropriate translation memory is pulled and reused for each translation job for that client.

All quotes utilizing translation memory will provide cost savings for 100% matches, exact matches and fuzzy matches. The linguist will only have to make minimal alterations to the past segment to complete the translation. Once translated by the first linguist, the fuzzy match segments will be treated as ‘normal’ text and therefore will be subject to the standard editing and proofread process.

  • Repetitions= Repeat words/Phrases within a single document
  • 100%= Exact match translation segments to those already existing in a TM
  • Fuzzy Match= 75% of the words in the segments are a match to those already existing in a TM
Document Archiving

Document Archiving

As an added value service, we also manage all of your documents. Our sophisticated archive of your previously translated documents allows us to offer you savings by identifying when we can use previously translated text even when translation memory cannot be applied efficiently. Our company stores your source documents, translations, and certifications indefinitely (or in keeping with your records retention policies) and utilizes them not only as reference for consistency but to drive additional cost savings in cases where translation memory tools cannot.

Glossary Terminology


We are experienced in developing and maintaining client-specific glossaries and terminology databases for all languages. Our team is also fully capable of utilizing additional language-specific glossaries provided to us by our clients, by importing them into our translation memory asset tool. We do prefer to review all customer-supplied glossaries and style guides in advance with the customer in order to ensure that the quality of the glossaries meets both your standards and those of Corporate Translations.

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