Permissions & Licenses

Permission to use the MDHAQ/RAPID3

Permission can be obtained by contacting:

RWS Life Sciences
101 East River Drive
East Hartford, CT 06108
Tel: 860-727-6000
Fax: 860-727-6001

Additionally, we ask users to notify us when they publish or present MDHAQ/RAPID3 data so that this information can be added to our web site.

Licensing Fees

The MDHAQ/RAPID3 is available to academic researchers without fees. Pharmaceutical companies wishing to use the instrument should contact to obtain a quote.

Implementation of the MDHAQ/RAPID3 in an electronic medical record (EMR) is subject to a royalty or license fee, which goes for support of further development of the MDHAQ/RAPID3.


Questionnaire Information

Because the activities chosen for the MHAQ generally were the simplest among the two or three within each HAQ category, as the other activities were not performed by all patients.

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