Best Use of Questionnaire

A multidimensional health assessment questionnaire (MDHAQ) can enhance doctor-patient communication beyond the important function of providing RAPID3 scores, preparing the patient for the encounter and saving time for the doctor. Optimal use of the MDHAQ should include the following actions:

1. the MDHAQ should be distributed to each patient at each visit in the infrastructure of care;

2. the MDHAQ helps the patient prepare for the visit by completing it in the waiting area prior to seeing the physician;

3. the clinician prepares for the visit and saves time by reviewing the MDHAQ before seeing the patient;

4. the clinician scans the review of systems and records the number of positives on the symptom checklist;

5. the clinician reviews the recent medical history information to save time and improve accuracy and completeness of critical information; and

6. routine Assessment of Patient Index Data 3 (RAPID3) scores are recorded in the medical record and entered into a flowsheet, which also includes other MDHAQ scores, laboratory tests, and medications.


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Questionnaire Information

Because the activities chosen for the MHAQ generally were the simplest among the two or three within each HAQ category, as the other activities were not performed by all patients.

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