Questionnaire Development

Development of the MDHAQ

The lower scores with a greater level of “floor effects” of the MHAQ compared to the HAQ was addressed by the addition of 6 complex activities in a multidimensional multidimensional HAQ (MDHAQ). The term “multi-dimensional” is used in recognition that the questionnaire had been further modified over the years to include not only the queries of 8-10 activities of daily living, and visual analog scales for pain and global status from the ACR Core Data Set, but also scores for fatigue, psychological distress, morning stiffness and change in status on one side of one page, and review of systems and medications on the reverse side of the page. The additional activities reduced the number of patients with floor effects from 16% on the HAQ and 30% on the MHAQ, to less than 3% on the MDHAQ.


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Questionnaire Information

Because the activities chosen for the MHAQ generally were the simplest among the two or three within each HAQ category, as the other activities were not performed by all patients.

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