Instrument Scoring

The Greene Climacteric Scale consists of 21 items in four domains plus one sexual function probe. The number of items in each domain and the item numbers that refer to that domain are noted below:

Each symptom is rated by the subject according to its severity using a four point rating scale. This rating method was used in the original factor analysis (1) and gives greater sensitivity to the measures than does a binary present/absent rating. Scores are assigned as follows:

Not at all = 0
A little = 1
Quite a bit = 2
Extremely = 3

Scoring Method:

For the Psychological Scale (P) sum symptoms 1 to 11
For the Somatic (physical) Scale (5) sum symptoms 12 to 18
For the Vasomotor Scale (V) sum symptoms 19 to 20

The P Scale can be further subdivided to give measures of :
Anxiety (A) — sum items 1 to 6
Depression (D) — sum items 7 to 11
Symptom 21 is a probe for sexual dysfunction.

Time to Complete:

Patients typically scored the Greene Climacteric Scale in 5 minutes.


Instrument Information


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