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Our overall approach is one of strict adherence to the highest possible standards of quality. We stand by our processes and can provide the statistics required to support our commitment to quality.



It is the policy of Corporate Translations, Inc. to provide superior language solutions that meet the unique and emerging needs of our customers. We are committed to meeting customer expectations that result in customer loyalty and growth.

Our quality processes are designed to support customer satisfaction and business performance. These processes are continuously monitored through the use of Key Performance Indicators to support our continual improvement efforts.

To provide the highest quality translation and linguistic validation solutions, we have implemented an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and iso 17100:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) that codifies and governs virtually all procedures performed internally. Our QMS acts as the foundation for delivering translations of unparalleled quality while measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of all key business and production processes through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

These KPIs are clearly identified within our QMS, and are collected and stored real-time within our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). CRM not only maintains the integrity of the data, but allows for real-time monitoring of KPIs through the use of customized dashboards. Key personnel can generate monthly reports for trend analysis and YTD statistics, which are meticulously reviewed as part of our monthly Management Review Process. Our QMS is internally audited quarterly for compliance and annually for certification. Copies of our certificates can be obtained here: iso 9001:2008 iso 13485:2003 and iso 17100:2015.

We are always seeking ways to improve our processes. That’s why we leverage the key elements of our QMS to monitor performance and drive continual improvement. We value your feedback and encourage you to provide us with suggestions.


Key Performance Indicators


Being an effective translation provider to clients in the life science industry requires more than providing excellent quality and service. Performance must also be demonstrated via accurate and appropriate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) documentation. These metrics act as indicators of our ability to develop reliable solutions that lead to long-term translation savings. The better the language service provider’s metrics, the more money you will save long-term.

We have the most rigorous and transparent KPIs available in the industry in order to prove our compliance with customer standards and provide sourcing and clinical teams with concrete evidence of high performance levels. KPIs are reported and monitored in real-time, and are reviewed on a monthly basis as part of our management review process.

Multi-Step Inspection Process

Multi-Step Inspection Process

To ensure zero-defect translations, we use a four-step quality control inspection process on each translation project. Each of these steps is meticulously recorded in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) production software and verified before delivery of the final translation. Upon verification that all quality control inspections were executed, a final certification of accuracy is created for the client, validating the overall quality and effectiveness of the translation.

Translator Qualification System


We guarantee both the highest quality translations and aggressive timelines. In order to achieve these outcomes, we utilize our Translator Qualification System™, which is designed to identify elite linguists across the globe. This system includes pre-qualifying candidates, testing and pilot projects, customized training and ongoing performance monitoring. Only about 9% of translator applicants are accepted. Our system has been designed to test for:

  • Translation accuracy
  • Topical expertise in the medical/pharmaceutical arena
  • Translation speed
  • Translator reliability

If you are a translator and are interested in joining our niche network, please complete our freelance application today.

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