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Manuscript on the Application of Bother Across Cultures in Health and Quality of Life Outcomes


A new peer-reviewed study by Corporate Translations, entitled Application of Bother in Patient Reported Outcomes Instruments Across Cultures, has been accepted  for publication by the Health and Quality of Life Outcomes journal. This study analyzes the use of bother, a term commonly found in Patient Reported Outcomes questionnaires, and how the term is interpreted when translated.

When developing PRO instruments, consideration should be given to terminology selected, so that conceptual equivalency of key terms across different languages and cultures can be maintained if they are intended for use in multinational clinical trials. Bother may be used to assess a number of adverse physical, emotional and social consequences due to a variety of medical conditions. It should be noted that the widespread interpretation of the term may create issues with data validity. In this study, it was discovered that respondents across many languages interpreted the concept in a variety of ways, such that conceptual equivalency is difficult to maintain when translating PROs containing bother. As a result, translated questionnaires containing the term may not yield data with the highest possible validity. To remedy this issue, recommended alternatives can be used in place of bother. A comparative analysis revealed that more specific concepts will maintain conceptual equivalency across languages when translated, yielding data with greater validity in multinational clinical trials.

The results and conclusions of this manuscript show that concepts should be carefully selected in questionnaires that will be used in multinational studies. Ambiguous terms, such as bother, may hinder data validity, while more specific terms can maintain validity when pooling international data.

The manuscript is published in the Health and Quality of Life Outcomes Journal on February 13, 2014. The manuscript is open access:

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