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Corporate Translations continues to expand

Corporate Translations was founded in 1990 by President Mary Gawlicki who was recently chosen as one of the Hartford Business Journal's 8 Remarkable Women in Business for 2007. The company has experienced significant growth through its seventeen years in business and is now one of the leading providers of translation solutions to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries. Corporate Translations continually assesses its operational needs in order to support its growing pharmaceutical client base and their need for superior quality translation and linguistic validation services which has prompted their recent expansion.

Corporate Translations, Inc. has expanded its 9,980 square feet of professional office space in East Hartford, CT to include an additional 1,600 square feet. The newly renovated space includes a stateof-the-art conference room and 16 semi-private offices to accommodate additional linguistic experts, project management professionals, and desktop publishers. In addition to their growth in East Hartford, Corporate Translations has also expanded its branch office in Chicago which works closely with their East Hartford office in maintaining its position as a leading provider of linguistic validation services. Corporate Translations has also made several IT system upgrades during its recent expansion in an effort to provide increased operational productivity and facilitate larger and more sophisticated client projects.

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