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Corporate Translations Celebrates 26 Years of Making Global Connections in the Life Sciences Industry.

East Hartford, CT (April 1, 2016) – Corporate Translations, Inc. celebrates 26 years of making global connections in the life sciences industry today. The company, headquartered in East Hartford, CT, is the leading provider of translation and linguistic validation solutions to the world’s top pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, and their CROs (Clinical Research Organizations).

Corporate Translations’ 26th year was marked by increased market share with several major pharmaceutical companies and six of the ‘Big 7’ CROs. Its success was a result of various new service offerings and the building of consultative strategies tailored exclusively towards busy life science professionals whose core task may not be requesting translations. These solutions and services were designed to take responsibility for the translation of vital clinical trial and regulatory affairs documentation, so that the professionals in these divisions can focus on advancing the drug development process.

Over the course of the year, Corporate Translations implemented an array of technological advances as well. Among those advances was the implementation of a new, custom designed Quality Management System (QMS) utilizing SharePoint technology. The new QMS provides gap analysis capabilities, automation of training tasks, a repository for all controlled documents, and seamless integration with the company’s global intranet. In addition, Corporate Translations implemented Office 365 including Skype for business, which fosters enhanced global communication between its multiple offices around the world. Finally, the year saw an upgrade in translation memory technology, which provided the company with the enhanced capabilities necessary to exceed the life science industry’s aggressive turnaround times, while extending greater cost savings to clients.

In early November, Corporate Translations announced that it had become a proud member of the RWS Group, the world’s leading provider of intellectual property support, patent translation and filing services. This merger has resulted in a wider global footprint for Corporate Translations and has enhanced its competitive positions in both Europe and Asia. Corporate Translations remains committed to delivering the highest quality translations available and will continue to provide innovative solutions specifically designed for the life sciences industry.

About Corporate Translations

Corporate Translations was founded in 1990 to specifically answer the demand for high quality translation solutions in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. With over 26 years of acquired knowledge in these highly regulated industries, the company has become a recognized expert in managing translation and linguistic validation projects for the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotech companies including Pfizer, Amgen, ICON, Novartis, and many more.

For more information about the company please call 860-727-6000.

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