Corporate Translations

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence and Innovation

From humble beginnings in Mary and Ted Gawlicki’s basement 25 years ago to becoming the leading provider of translation solutions to the world’s top life science companies, Corporate Translations has maintained its commitment to providing zero defect translations, on-time, every time.

Corporate Translations’ clients rely on their expertise, integrity and creativity to overcome any translation challenges to keep their business moving forward. As a recognized and global leader in providing translations for pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies and their CROs, the company continues to deliver unrivaled translation and linguistic validation solutions. Corporate Translations continually looks to improve its techniques, processes and technology to anticipate and adapt to its clients’ needs, doing whatever it takes to complete their highly complex projects.

Corporate Translations doesn’t just translate content- they build bridges of communication between the diverse groups of people involved in the life sciences industry.

To celebrate their 25th year in business and demonstrate their commitment to their loyal customers, Corporate Translations has refreshed their image by proclaiming that “Translation Moves Life Sciences Forward." This message is a concise and clear articulation of their understanding and commitment to their customers’ needs. Because it doesn't matter if it's a common language spoken by hundreds of millions, or an obscure dialect only known by a few thousand-  Corporate Translations' clients depend on them to move their translations forward with absolute accuracy and deliver on time, every time. This promise is carried out consistently each day by Corporate Translations’ superior processes, and most importantly their people!

Their new branding includes an innovative and sophisticated website and much more.

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