Corporate Translations


Our myCTi Translation Management System (TMS) acts as a collaboration tool for high volume clients who need a comprehensive translation management solution.


Translation Management System

Our customizable and user-friendly myCTi Translation Management System (TMS) serves as a tool for fostering seamless translation requests, translation project tracking, searchable document repositories, business intelligence reporting and communicating translation best practices. Our tool is flexible and easily navigable for all users including individual translation requesters, study teams interested in submitting and monitoring translation projects, and sourcing managers interested in monitoring global vendors for effectiveness and overall cost savings. 

Our standard myCTi – TMS package includes:

  • Quote request feature via secure and encrypted transfer processes
  • Quote tracking feature that allows you to see the status of each project's quote and search using a variety of fields including the request date, study number, quote number, quote amount and status.
  • Job tracking feature that allows you to see the status of each translation project throughout the production process and search using project details and brief descriptions.
  • Performance and spend metrics business intelligence reporting
  • myCTi training and support services
  • Best practice guidelines for some of the most common document types translated for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Comprehensive answers to your FAQs

Document Respositories

To help manage our clients’ translations once they are completed, our TMS contains customized document repositories which include the following:

  • Systematic archiving of all source documents and translations
  • Archive categorization for easy accessibility and identification (drug, study, disease)
  • Password protected access to single or multiple users
  • Document review and approval capabilities

The features listed below make our document repositories are especially beneficial to our HEOR clients:

  • A reliable archive of validated COAs to prevent duplication of effort and reduce time required to produce CRFs
  • Simple-to-use platform to house licensing/copyright information
  • Tracking previous use of instruments by clinical trial
  • Transparent and auditable record of how validated translations were performed
  • Single interface for accessing archives and other useful websites (e.g. PubMed,, etc.)
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