Corporate Translations


Our success and continual growth is directly related to our ability to recruit the highest quality translation experts available, and foster prosperous relationships with each and every one.

Tested and Qualified

We are recognized as a preferred and leading provider of translations to the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Due to the highly regulated nature of our client's industry it is mandatory that we have documentation and records to support our freelance translator's qualifications in translating materials with a strong emphasis on medical, pharmaceutical and other related sciences.

We require that translators are native speakers of the target language, have at least 5 years of experience in related professional translation, and possess an advanced degree in the life sciences. Because our company works exclusively for the life science industry, ensuring scientific accuracy is of primary importance, and our workflows and Quality Management System have been developed accordingly. For documents which contain scientific terminology or concepts, this system ensures that only translators with appropriate knowledge and training are utilized. Freelancers, apply today!


Aside from real-time feedback reviewed after each translation job, translators will also receive feedback and ratings from the quality department at Corporate Translations on an annual basis in the form of a report card. Additionally, performance reports are sent out when appropriate, indicating areas for improvement and/or providing training presentations in order to provide freelancers with resources for professional advancement. Freelancers with ongoing performance issues may be removed from our approved Supplier Database.

Freelance Linguists


We expect and require that all of our freelance linguists come bearing the necessary translation competencies and scientific backgrounds to work in our highly specialized field. Through the use of our Translator Qualification System™ we verify that they meet the stringent requirements we expect. To deploy further training to translators, our Supplier Management Team manages a comprehensive vendor portal that serves to provide both project-specific and generalized training to linguists on a regular basis. In addition, we find that real-time feedback is often more effective than generalized training, and we use our feedback system to provide ongoing training and support as required.

Let Us Help You

We know that responding to you quickly is vital to moving your projects forward. Your request is in the hands of our experienced translation experts and you can expect a rapid response from one of our client service specialists, and a quotation in less than 24 hours.

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