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Even though we love hearing directly from our customers, take a look at some of our Frequently Asked Questions for a quick and simple response to some questions people often ask.

How do I request a quotation from Corporate Translations?

To request a quotation, simply complete the Quote Request Form and upload all relevant files for translation and instructions. Please keep in mind that if you are uploading multiple files, to zip them into a folder first.

Is there an alternative method to submitting a quote request?

Yes, alternatively you can send an email to with the documents for quotation attached to your message and the subject line of your message beginning with “[Company Name] Quote Request:”

Your email should include the following specifics about the project to be quoted:

  • Language and country required for translation (e.g., “French for use in Canada”)
  • Translation deadline
  • Study number
  • Special instructions (e.g., do not translate handwriting; back-translation required, etc.)
From the time I request a quote, how long will it be until I receive a response?

Once the request has been submitted, you will immediately receive an email confirmation that the quote is in process. The quotation will typically be emailed to you within 4 to 8 hours, but no more than 24 hours from your request from one of our client services team members.

How do I approve a quotation?

In order to accept a quotation, simply respond to the email from Corporate Translations that contained the quotation and indicate in a response email that the quotation is accepted. In the event that multiple quotation offers are provided (e.g., standard vs. rush turnaround), you should indicate in your email which option is being accepted.

We will provide an order summary via email upon receipt of the quote approval, which includes delivery dates and project specifics.

Who should I contact with a question or problem?

Contacting will immediately distribute your question or concern to the appropriate person. This ensures a rapid, effective response from our team to yours.

What does Corporate Translations need from me in order to begin working on a translation?

Great question! We must have all the documents required for translation, an email stating the quote has been approved, and any necessary billing information such as purchase order numbers.

What is Translation Memory (“TM”), and what are TM savings?

Translation Memory (TM) is essentially an electronic database of translated terms and phrases stored in our system for re-use in future projects. Upon receiving a quotation request, we will compare the documents for translation to our existing TM database; each word or phrase that appears in both is substantially discounted. In this way, intelligent use of Translation Memory can decrease project cost and improve consistency of terminology. We provide a separate line-item on each quotation detailing TM savings.

We haven’t established all the investigational sites yet, so I’m not sure which languages I will need? Should I wait until I am certain?

Creating newly validated translations of COAs can take up to three months depending on the instrument and disease being studied. For that reason, it is best to send your request to us as soon as you know that you will need COAs for your study. We will then research your company's COA Repository to determine how much translation work will be needed and will identify any licensing requirements for using the instruments.

We understand that investigational sites change frequently. As a result it is not unusual to revise the quote for a linguistic validation project several times as final sites are being established. Updating the quote as countries/languages change is a quick process, so it is best to get the initial research work in process as early as possible so as not to delay your trial if significant translation work is required.

Can Corporate Translations work with the owners of COAs and Clinical Assessment Tools to obtain permission to use an instrument?

Yes, we frequently perform licensing work on behalf of a sponsor. Our service includes the following:

  • Researching license fees
  • Locating original copies of the questionnaire
  • Researching the availability of existing translations
  • Obtaining license agreements
  • Communicating with copyright holders
Who will sign the license agreements?

As the end user of the COA, your company is required to sign license agreements.

How will the license fees be paid?

We will incorporate the license fees in our proposal. Once all contracts and license agreements are fully executed, we will obtain invoices and pay the license fees on behalf of your company. Incorporating the license fees in the contract with us eliminates the need for study teams to contract with each copyright holder.

How long does it take to complete the license/permission process?

The time to complete licensing typically takes 4-6 weeks. However, this is highly dependent on the responsiveness of the copyright holder and the time needed to review and execute contracts by the company.

How will I know when permission to use a COA/Clinical Assessment Tool has been obtained?

We will deliver a Licensing Package which will contain copies of fully executed agreements, letters granting permission, or any other relevant documents that serve as proof-of-permission granted.

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