Corporate Translations


Multilingual formatting in all languages and platforms resulting in an exact match to your source files.

Desktop Publishing


Our multilingual multimedia production capabilities surpass those of our industry competitors. With expertise in virtually all applications, we regularly typeset and format in more than 100 languages, including those with complex scripts such as Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and Vietnamese.

In addition to providing multimedia professionals who are adept at manipulating foreign-language text, Corporate Translations includes a final proofreading step by the original translation team. This process provides our clients with additional assurance that no characters or diacritical marks have defaulted incorrectly, and that no line or word breaks have been inappropriately altered during the course of formatting.

Our multimedia production capabilities combine foreign language typesetting with precise graphic layouts. We support both Macintosh and PC platforms. From TeleForm to InDesign, and from Word to Flash, we have in-house experts to support each family of software, no matter what application the deliverable requires.



We provide multimedia solutions in a wide range of formats that include text, graphics, audio/video, subtitles and voice-overs. We specialize in translating training materials, films, television commercials, IVRS prompts and corporate videos.

We hire native talent who are professionally trained and experienced in recording voice-overs in multiple languages directed towards your local audience in the style, tone and voice you prefer. Our solution ensures proper timing, sound quality, and the highest overall quality voiceover production values available. Additionally, foreign language audio and video files can be transcribed and translated onto hard copy or electronic files.

We work with a variety of software and user interfaces including iPads, tablets, software and web-based platforms to produce the high-quality materials that you require.