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In early 2014, one of the world’s largest CROs ran an RFP in search of a single global translation solutions provider to replace their existing vendor because of quality problems. The CRO selection criteria were based on the translation vendor’s ability to be collaborative, their proven processes and demonstrated expertise in life sciences. Corporate Translations was awarded the business and selected as the preferred supplier.


The CRO experienced significant translation errors that caused serious ramifications in their studies. Due to these issues many of their global study teams started using local vendors and other unapproved translation vendors, which ultimately created both financial and structural burdens and increased risk. The uncontrolled outsourcing to multiple different translation vendors also resulted in overall inconsistent and poor translation quality. In an effort to gain control over the global translation spend and enforce the use of one vendor who was compliant to the CRO’s standards, they needed a reliable translation partner to assist in designing and implementing a global roll-out plan.

The CRO had many new studies in development for their respective pharmaceutical clientele and needed to quickly transition away from the vendor they were dissatisfied with as well as all of the local vendors the study teams were using.


Corporate Translations worked closely with this CRO’s Sourcing Manager to gain an understanding of their experience with their previous translation vendor. We provided our expertise and insight on how to remedy the problems they were facing and collaborated in developing a translation management process that would work for both parties, while building confidence with the global study teams we were to serve. The sourcing department reviewed our plan of action to help streamline their translation management process and it was very well received.

First, Corporate Translations reviewed all of the CRO’s translation assets for quality and accuracy, resulting in improved glossaries for over 40 languages.

Then, Corporate Translations created a customized myCTi portal to serve as the primary gateway for placing all translation requests, checking project statuses, obtaining spending reports and communicating with study teams. We integrated the CRO’s important accounting information into our portal to allow for payment tracking and better accounting within their organization. This portal allowed the CRO to funnel all global translation requests through one easy-to-use system and gain control over global translation spending.

Corporate Translations proposed that a study team on-boarding strategy be implemented after the CRO introduced us as their new translation supplier. We provided the CRO with marketing materials to introduce us, which included email blasts and content for their vendor portal. Once we were officially introduced to their global operations, each new study team requiring translations was invited to attend an on-boarding session with Corporate Translations, dedicated to understand their specific requirements.  These meetings were designed to give the study teams a demonstration of the myCTi portal, educate them on the agreed upon procedures and learn more about their study specifics, all in advance of translation requests being made. These meetings ensured that different sites across the globe were operating with a unified understanding of the translation process, from requesting translation services to the final end product. Conducting these on-boarding sessions allowed Corporate Translations to earn the trust of the study teams, establish project parameters in advance and eliminate the potential for initial collaboration issues.  These meetings were extremely helpful and well received by both the sourcing department and study teams.


Our overall strategy helped centralize the CRO’s translation pipeline, consolidate the number of unapproved vendors, reduce translation spend, gain the trust and respect from each study team, reduce confusion at the onset of a new study and improve the quality of their translations.

Our easy-to-use myCTi portal made it simple for global study teams to request translations, and allowed the sourcing department to track spending and enforce the use of a single vendor.

We were able to work with the CRO to come up with a solution to resolve their consistency and customary language requirements by creating and archiving a database of client-specific glossaries dedicated for each country.

As a result of our guidance, expertise, and mutual understanding, the CRO has successfully developed an outstanding partnership with us. The CRO continues to be extremely satisfied with our processes, quality and overall service. We have continued to on-board new study teams across the world and are ready to help them with any translation-related questions and concerns.


We are very familiar with the many processes and requirements of the life science industry, which allows us to build competent and effective translation solutions. We evaluated the CRO’s concerns and developed a plan of action to successfully on-board all study teams while consolidating their vendor base.

There are many aspects of our work that separate us from our competitors - one being our commitment to solving our customers’ complex problems. Further, we continue to find ways to improve our own processes, which allows us to share our proven expertise with our clients. This case study further emphasizes our determination to take on the challenges that our clients face every day. 

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