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Corporate Translations Receives a Silver Level Innovation Honor From CQIA

CQIA Innovation Prize

Corporate Translations, Inc., has received a silver level Innovation Prize from the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award for advancement of its linguistic validation services to include Face Validity, Translatability Assessment, attainment of licensing, and creation of questionnaire repositories and websites. The Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) is given to selected Connecticut organizations each year, with the purpose of promoting and recognizing performance excellence and innovation. 

Applicants for the award were asked to describe an opportunity/problem with which their organization faced, provide the innovative response to that problem, and detail the results. Corporate Translations customers requiring translation of Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) questionnaires increasingly desire a consultant who anticipates their needs and provides innovative solutions to complex problems. In response, Corporate Translations now offers specialty services designed to meet a wider range of COA requirements, including Face Validity and Translatability Assessment of COA questionnaires, developer licensing on the sponsor’s behalf, and COA maintenance, including creation of customer-specific repositories and websites. In the face of increasingly complex client requests, staff has been challenged to develop creative solutions and innovative processes. A Research Analyst team was created and now includes three new positions.

Corporate Translations is a leading and trusted authority on the linguistic validation of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COA). Whether intended for a patient (PRO), clinician (ClinRO), or observer (ObsRO), our translations are accurate as well as culturally and conceptually equivalent to the source instrument. Our experience in translating COAs has expanded across a variety of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, allergy/respiratory, oncology, gastroenterology, inflammation, neurology, infectious diseases and vaccines.

About Corporate Translations

Corporate Translations is a Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise that was founded in 1990 to specifically answer the demand for high quality translation solutions in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. With over 24 years of acquired knowledge in these highly regulated industries, the company has become a recognized expert in managing translation and linguistic validation projects for the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotech companies including Pfizer, Amgen, ICON, Novartis, and many more.

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